U2 and Bad Manners

Apple and U2 recently gave away U2's latest album, "Songs of Innocence" to all 500 million+ iTunes subscribers. Most thought this was a pretty cool thing to do. Some others, not so much. What really got my blood boiling were one-star reviews not on the quality of the music, but on how horrible it was for Apple to shove crap into their iTunes library without their permission.

Why would you put trash like this on someone's phone without permission.

I think Apple should have asked if I wanted this. I don't like this type of music.

I don't want this album and u should give people the option if they want it or not.

Wrong reply to a gift, my dear friends. Let me help you understand with a few examples.

You move into a new neighborhood. One of your new neighbors brings you a beautiful meaty lasagna to welcome you to the neighborhood. It just so happens you are a vegetarian and will not be eating the lasagna.

You do not say, "I hate meat! You should have asked me before bringing this over! How dare you!"

You do say, "That was so nice of you, thank you so much. Now, you know I am going to return this dish with something in it. Any special requests?" Preferably you then give it to someone who will appreciate it, or you throw it away.

Your mother spends 6 months knitting you a sweater. It is an array of very bright colors that you wouldn't be caught dead in. And, oh, you happen to live in Arizona where you'll never have a need for a sweater.

You do not say, "This is the ugliest damn thing I've ever seen. What were you thinking? Get this out of my site you old hag!"

You do say, "Thank you! Wow! You really did a great job on this. So much work and love went into this. I love you mom!" Then you tuck the sweater away in your closet and pull it out only when mom is around and it's cold enough in Arizona to wear it...probably never.

Your boss gives you a beautiful basket full of wines, cheeses, crackers, summer sausage, and fruity candies. You, however, have recently started eating "Paleo", and won't be eating anything but the sausage.

You do not say, "Are you frigging kidding me? Why are you giving me this trash? I won't eat any of it! What the hell is wrong with you?"

You do say, "What a wonderful surprise! How thoughtful! It stuff like this that makes me love working here. Thank you so much." Then you share the basket with the rest of the people at work, or bring it home to a neighbor.

So what is the proper response to being given an album in iTunes that you didn't ask for? "Thank you" would be a great start. Then maybe even listen to the album a few times before you decide you hate it. If you love it, support the band by buying something else. If you dislike it, delete it. It's as simple as that.

"The Golden Rule" applies well here. It goes something like, "treat others like you would like to be treated". If you gave someone a gift they didn't want, how would you like them to respond? I'm guessing it's not by being an ungrateful brat.