Rachel: April 8, 2014

After what happened yesterday, mom decided to take the day off work and drive me to and from school today. I am glad she did, I was scared.

On the drive home I saw the boy that helped me, and I screamed, "There he is! There he is!". I think mommy thought I was talking about the bad boy, because she screamed, "Don't look honey!" but SHE looked.

When we got home, mommy called the policeman that came by last night. He told her they found the boy that had attacked me. They found him at the hospital because he admitted to what he did. His mom made him! I hope he goes to jail forever!

After getting off the phone mommy asked me about the boy I pointed to in the car. I told her that he was the boy that had saved me. This made her cry again. I cried too.