Rachel: April 26, 2014

Me and Jacob had our first date! My mom prepared a very nice picnic, and left us alone most of the time. She was always in site, but never in my face. It was very nice. Jacob even brought me a flower. I think he picked it on his way to, or maybe even in the park.

Guess who I saw at the park! Brandon! I haven't seen him in like, forever! He was walking with a very pretty girl. Her name was Beth. They were holding hands. I don't know why, but this made me feel funny. I asked mom about it, and she said I was probably jealous. She thinks I have a crush on Brandon. Gross! Brandon is OLD!

I love Brandon like a brother, or really old uncle, but I'm glad he found a girlfriend. Maybe now he'll stop looking at my mom the way he does. Eww!