Rachel: April 2, 2014

Oh boy. Yesterday sucked. Sorry mom, it did.

Yesterday was April's Fools Day (remember, dear diary, that my mom's name is April, and that's HER day). Every year she does something SO funny to daddy. Yesterday would have been funny too, but daddy got hurt.

She never does her jokes by herself. She always gets other people to help. She got one of the guys at daddy's work to help this year, and boy did John screw up!

Mommy had this idea to hook a battery up to daddy's toolbox, so when daddy went to grab a wrench, he would get a little buzz, like one of those old joy buzzers. She even tried it herself, with one of those little 9V batteries. It gave just a little zipp! It would have been funny.

Stupid John lost the 9V battery my mom gave him and couldn't find one. (Look in the smoke detector, duh!) So what did he do? Hooked up a car battery! Even I know not to do that!

When daddy grabbed the wrench it shocked him hard and sent him flying back into a shelf and a whole case of oil fell on top of him and knocked him out! He had to go to the emergency room!

He is fine now, but when he got home last night he was SO mad. I thing April's Fool Day might be done.