Rachel: April 12, 2014

Fun party!

We went bowling. I had 11 friends with me. Boys and girls. My mom didn't like be talking to the boys, of course. But there was Katie and Steph, of course, and also Brian (he's cute), Brenda, John C., John R., Britney, Parker, Sandy, Patrice, and Liz. I guess I'm at that "hard to buy for" age. Almost everybody got me an iTunes gift card, which I have no problem with whatsoever. Steph got me a Starbucks gift card. She's so weird, but I love her.

On the way home I had my dad stop at the card store and I picked up a birthday card for Brandon. We tried to drop it by his house but nobody was home. Hopefully he'll get it. I stuck it under the door.

Katie and Steph are sleeping over at my house tonight. So off to party! Again!