Rachel: April 11, 2014

Yay! It's my birthday! I am officially 9 years old.

Mom actually made me breakfast this morning, which was real nice. I usually make toast or have cereal. Today I got an omelet and bacon! Lots of bacon!

School was school. But I did get some nice cards from a couple of friends that remembered. Katie and Steph. I've known both of them forever. I can't wait to hang out with them at my birthday party tomorrow!

Speaking of birthdays...Did I mention? It's mine! My parents like to have a party for me with the adults. "Quality time" they say. For me, it's a chance to act cute and be the center of attention. Ok, that's just like any other day, but on my birthday I get gifts and money for my effort.

This year it was mom and dad, both sets of grand parents, my uncle Mike and his wife Julie, Mrs. C, and BRANDON! I was so happy he decided to come! And you'll never guess what he gave me for my birthday!!! NEVER!


Can you believe it? He even decorated her more with a little birthday hat. He says he found her when he was walking in the park. That made me so happy!

We also found out that today is also Brandon's birthday! Mind = blown! Everyone felt bad about not having cards or money for Brandon, so everyone sang "Happy Birthday" again. He turned so red.

As Brandon was leaving, my dad reached into his wallet, folded up some money tight, and put it in Brandon's hand as he shook it, and said, "Happy Birthday, Brandon. Thank you for being there for my daughter." and then daddy got a little choked up, and gave Brandon a hug! Mind = blown again! Daddy is not generally a hugger for anyone but me.

Party tomorrow! Woo! Off to bed.