Rachel: April 1, 2014

Hi journal!

I decided to start writing a journal (that's you!) because one day I will be rich and famous, and all of my fans will want to read all about me. I know this to be true.

Can you believe I am going to be NINE YEARS OLD in just 10 more days? It's about time! Eight sucks! (My mom hates when I say that, but she won't read this until I am rich and famous, and I can probably pay her to ignore that.)

Nothing fun or intresting happened today. Well, Mrs. Cranson brought me a plate of cookies. That was pretty cool, but right now I'm just waiting for mom and dad to get home. Mom always plays a prank on dad for April's Fool day. It will be fun to see what she does. (Her real name is April, so she thinks it's her day, which is awesome.)