Out with the old...

I happened to look at my blog today and noticed that it has been 2 years to the day since my last post. After poking around the posts that I had written, I decided that they were all too old and outdated, and didn't really reflect who I am today. (I've changed a lot over the past 2 years!)

So, starting today, I'm starting fresh. My old blog was just about tech. Mostly coding, with a little gadgets thrown in for good measure. Sure, that will be here too, but I'm much more than that, so this blog will reflect must more about me. Not just tech, but also fitness and exercise, food, photography, getting outdoors, photography, family, and the occasional sensless rant.

And to be honest, I'm pretty funny, and a damned good writer, so I may just decide to throw in a little creative writing for good measure.

I won't be posting daily, but I will be writing daily. I enjoy writing. Whether you enjoy reading or not remains to be seen, but keep checking back, I may just surpise you.