Brandon: April 6, 2014

I'll be so happy when this weekend is over. Never thought I'd say that, but my parents are driving me nuts (which I say a lot). They dragged me out to the park for a family picnic. It's pretty nice out, so I guess I won't complain too much. And my mom gave me some drugs to get my allergies under control. It's the company that sucks.

I snuck off "to take a leak" and ran into the woods for a quick toke. I though, "wow, this is some good shit", when I looked down and saw a turtle painted all purple and yellow and red. Lots of little flowers. And little shinny dots (called sequins?) forming the word "MYRTLE" along it's backside. Reminded me of chicks with "PINK" hanging from their ass.

Myrtle the turtle. Pretty clever. I decided to take Myrtle home with me. Could be a fun little companion.

I wonder what turtles do when they get high.