Brandon: April 26, 2014

Holy shit, I'm happy!

Beth and I had our "first date" today. We met for some ice cream and then took a walk through the park. We only expected to hang out together for an hour or so, but ended up spending the whole day together. About 7 hours. Yes, there was a lot of hand holding. Yes there was a lot of kissing. Yes, I wanted more. But I'm not ready for that. Not even close.

We saw Rachel and her family while we were at the park. Check this out: Rachel has a boyfriend! How cute is that? His name is Josh, and he seems pretty cool. Quiet little kid. It was funny, introducing Beth to Rachel and her family felt as weird as introducing her to my own parents (which I'm not ready for either!). They seemed to really like Beth, though Rachel was a little cold toward her. Cautious, I guess.

I think it's safe to say Beth and I are officially a couple. I can talk to her like nobody else. So easy to talk to. She's a great listener, and doesn't judge me. I think she's just what I needed. Too early for the L word, but damn.