Brandon: April 22, 2014

Another day at Rolling Meadows Retirement Village. Actually a lot of fun today. I hung out with Mildred while she smoked pot, again. Learned of how she fell in love. How things were so different when she was a girl. (She was born in 1927. Can you believe that? She's 87 years old!!!) Her
"kids" are Brian (58), Helen (62), and Jim (65). She had another daugher named Theresa, who would be 68, but she died of some kind of cancer a few years ago. (Can you believe that? A kid at 19?)

Beth and I played games with some of the residents too. Backgammon, gin rummy, and old maid. Old maid because it was the only game I knew how to play. Everyone kept teasing Beth. "You're an old maid! 18 and no man!" Mildred told me later that she saw Beth blush and look my way when people said that. I think Mildred is trying to set us up. Sorry, Mildred old gal, but you're more my type than Beth is.

Don't get me wrong. Beth is cute, but, I don't know, to "good".

No diapers today. Yay!