Brandon: April 18, 2014

Wow what a day!

Ok, so I had court today. Charged with "Possession with intent to distribute". For the pot I had on me. I'm glad they didn't know about the rest.

I did like my lawyer suggested, and told my story. I completely lost it as soon as I started talking about Julie. My lawyer kept saying, "please continue" every time I wanted to stop. I talked about our relationship, her death, how it effected me, how Lester and Frank helped me by giving me drugs to take the edge off, and then I told how they had asked me to sell. I talked about how great it was to have the money, but how I always felt bad about selling drugs. I talked about how I saw the boy trying to rape Rachel, how I had saved her, and how that had all turned my life around (it really has. That's not bullshit). And I ended by telling them how I told Frank and Lester that I wanted out, and how I had gotten attacked for it.

After I was done, Rachel's mom took the stand. She talked about what a positive influence I had been on Rachel, and how she knew me to be a good kid. She got pretty emotional herself. Nobody can help but be touched when a hot woman cries.

In the end I got off, almost compltely. No charges, no sentence, nothing on my record, but the judge ordered community service. She wants me to spend some time at a local old folks home, helping out, talking to them, stuff like that. I'm sure it will be 2 weeks of hell, but it's a lot better than prison, I'm sure.

I'm so exhausted. Emotionally drained. Looking forward to the weekend.