Brandon: April 17, 2014

I wasn't surprised when I got to school and there was no sign of Frank or Lester. I think they will be gone for a very long time. What did surprise me was when I was called down to the principle's office only to be greeted by 2 plain clothes cops. They seemed to think that I could contribute to their investigation. Seriously, Frank and Lester are the only ones "in the business" that I know. They kept telling me that they would go easy on me if I turned in Frank and Lester's supplier. I must have told them 12 different ways that I didn't know anybody else.

My parents took me to see a lawyer. Such a fucking sleezebag, but he seems to know his job. He is going to make me tell the judge my whole story, starting when I was dating Julie. "Talk a lot about how in love you were. Don't hold back. If the tears want to come, let them." Then I'm supposed to get into Julie's death, and the "vulurable" state it left me in. Basically he's hoping to make it look like Frank and Lester took advantage of my situation. Then I'm supposed to get into how I saved a kid from getting raped, and how my friendship with her has affected me in a positive way. Seems so wrong.

I have to go to court TOMORROW! My lawyer apparently called in some favors to get it soon. Not sure what that's about, but I guess I'll be glad to have it overwith.