Brandon: April 16, 2014

Oh shit. Things are pretty fucked up right now.

After Rachel saw me yesterday, I decided I was out. So I told Lester and Frank. Frank was cool about it. He had no problem. Lester on the other hand, went ape-shit. First he decked me, then he pulled out a knife. That's when Rachel saw us and screamed. Lester started after her so I grabbed his foot and tripped him. He fell on his knife.

I didn't stick around to find it if Lester was OK, but instead grabbed Rachel and ran. I hung out at her house until her parents showed up. Then I told them what went down. They were pissed. I thought Rachel's dad was going to kill me. I explained that it happened because I was trying to quit. They were still mad, but they cooled down a couple of notches. Then they had a little pow-wow and came back with a "deal". The Mrs. told me, "You're going to go to the police and tell them exactly what you told us. Except you're going to leave out the part about dealing yourself. The story you're going to tell is that they were trying to get you to sell, and you refused. So this Lester fellow attacked you. We will back up this story."

We talked about it for a bit, and then got on the phone with the police. Rachel's dad did most of the talking. I just had to give my (modified) version of my story. They were going to send out a car to take a statement, but so as not to get the neighbors worked up, we went down to the police station instead. I had to repeat my same story there. Since I had Rachel's dad supporting my story, they didn't even question it.

We found out that Lester is in the hospital. Not dead or anything, but definitely hurting. They will be arresting him when the doctors let them.

When Rachel's dad dropped me off at my house he said, "That makes us even." and drove away.

Fucked up day.