Brandon: April 13, 2014

Finished off our day at the resort with another golf lesson, another round of golf (I got 106 this time. Getting better!) and a horse ride. I'm sore. Wish we had another massage, but I don't think my hot massager lady would have massaged my butt and thighs, and that's what hurts.

The horse ride was cool, though. There was a small group of us on a tour with a guide. Very nice, and slow most of the time. There was one time that got a little too exciting. The guide stopped us pretty abruptly to point out some scenery and my horse stopped with his nose right in the horse in front of us's butt. As if that weren't bad enough, that horse farted, and my horse didn't appreciate that at all. He bucked and ran around the horse in front of use and pushed in. Pretty funny. Pretty gross, and a little scary.

I don't have to stay late at school anymore (for now), so back to business as usual. Fun fun.