Brandon: April 12, 2014

I am SO tired. I don't know if it's because we did so much, or I'm just so relaxed.

My dad woke me up at 6:30 this morning, we had a quick breakfast at the golf course, then an hour golf lesson with a real live golf pro. Very cool. Surprisingly, I did pretty good. I sucked at first, but Dan (our pro) changed the way I stood, really explained how the swing worked good, and taught me to twist my hips, and pretty soon I was hitting straight and pretty long.

After that, my dad took me out golfing 18 holes. That didn't go quite as well. Some of my shots (when I took my time and thought about it) were pretty good, but the rest were all over the place. And Dan didn't cover putting, so that was pretty bad. I ended up with a score of 112, which my dad said was pretty good, but he got 94 and wasn't happy abou that, so I think he lied.

We met mom at the spa where we all got hour long massages. The chick that did my massage (Gretchen) was smokin' hot. My dad had a big swedish looking dude. Cracked me up. Mom had an old asian lady. All 3 did a good job, though, because all of us were super relaxed when we were done.

We hung out in the spa's lobby for a while afterwards because we were told to drink a lot of water after. My parents decided to bypass the water and go straight for the alcohol. I've never seen them so relaxed, and so fun.

I just about spit out my water, though, when my mom asked, "So, did you boys ask for your happy ending?" WTF? Then my dad said, "Of course! What about you, Brandon?" My jaw dropped, and they both started laughing. Then my mom said, "Just fuckin' with you, buddy, but I do hope you had a great day." I did. It was awesome. And something tells me dad's going to get his happy ending one way or another tonight. My parents are giddy and all over each other. Sick yet cool.