Brandon: April 11, 2014

Well, I have to say, definitely one of my better birthdays. 18 so far is pretty sweet.

When I got up, my mom had put a big "Happy Birthday" banner over the kitchen table and was making me breakfast! She never does that. But she was making from-scratch pancakes and bacon. Lots of bacon! Great way to start my day.

School was even tolerable. In English we watched a movie (Lord of the fucked up story). In physics we continued our egg drop. In Trig, I can't remember, but Amber Shultz was looking most fine.

I went over to Rachel's birthday dinner at about 5, and stayed there until about 9. That was very nice. Great family. But get this! Remember that turtle I found at the park? I gave that to Rachel for her birthday. I put a little hat on the shell just outside the head hole, so when the turtle popped her head out, it looked like she was wearing a birthday hat. Very funny. But want to hear something wild? Myrtle was already Rachel's! She lost her at the park that same day! So that was pretty cool. Reuniting a kid and her pet.

Now I feel kind of bad, though, since now it's like I didn't get her anything. I may pick her up a little something with the money her dad gave me. As I was leaving he gave me $100! My own parents wouldn't give me that much. And the guy is a mechanic. He's not made of money.

When I got home, my parents had a birthday cake waiting for me, sitting in the middle of the kitchen table. They were surprised to see me home so early, but actually seemed happy to see me. They sang happy birthday and gave me a card. The card made me cry. It was so nice. They had each written a short letter and put it inside. That shit made me cry. So from the heart. Also in there was $100. So I made out pretty good today.

My parents are taking me to some kind of "spa and resort" for the weekend too, as my big birthday present. Never heard of the place, but it sounds cool. We're getting golf lessons, a round of golf, massages, and lots of good food. I've been bugging my dad to teach me to golf since I was 4, so I'm actually a little excited about it.

My parents can be OK sometimes.