Brandon: April 10, 2014

I found out that they caught the kid that tried to rape Rachel. That part I'm real happy about, but when Rachel told me the kid was in the hospital, that I feel pretty shitty about. I put him there. Really mixed feelings. I feel bad about putting someone in the hospital, but kind of like, "he deserved it!" Hell, part of me wishes I would have killed him.

Knowing that Rachel is safe, I'm thinking I probably don't need to walk her home from school anymore. The whole reason I was was because I wanted to make sure she's safe. I like the kid, but people will think I'm a pedo or something if I hang out with her too much. She's a cute kid and all, but I don't think of her that way. More like a little sister, but who's going to understand that?

I do think I figured out what I'm going to give her for her birthday, though. And it won't cost me a dime.

I told my parents that I'd be at a friends house for dinner on my birthday. They didn't put up a fuss at all. "Ok, have fun, and don't be out too late." I guess that's their gift to me. They will usually give me the 3rd degree if I say I'm going out. Oh well. Happy birthday to me.