2016: The Year of Being Nice

One of my qualities as a child (through high school) that I really liked about myself was that I was the mythical “Nice Guy”. There are 2 things that anyone that met me would say about me. 1) “He’s very soft spoken…quiet.” and 2) “He’s such a nice guy.”

Being quiet and soft spoken is still there except when I need to get loud (and boy can I get loud!), but the “nice guy” part of me has been beaten down. He still rears his head occasionally, but too many people taking advantage of that nice guy too often just about killed him.

Now I’m older (or is it just “old”), and wiser, and I think that occasional loud-mouth can help out that nice guy and keep him from being taken advantage of. Can stick up for him and keep him from being bullied. Because, damn it, he’s a likable dude!

So I really have only 2 New Years Resolutions this year, and they are both centered around being nice.

  • Do something nice for someone else every day, and
  • Do something nice for myself every day

The “something nice for someone else” part isn’t just smiling and saying hello, or holding open the door for them. I’m taking about something that other people wouldn’t generally do for them. Buy them a cup of coffee, help them carry something heavy, help them reach something on a higher shelf. Whatever the situation might call for. Something that will make them happy, and restore their faith in humanity, at least to a small degree.

The “something nice for myself” part is, well, all about me. Most of my adult life is spent fulfilling the needs of my wife and kids, and my employer, in that order, with no time or energy left for me. This year, for once a day for maybe an hour or so, I’m going to put me first. Time for personal development. Time to relax. Time for me.

Little ol’ me can’t have much of an impact on the world as a whole, but hopefully this combination of resolutions will help make my little sphere within this F’ed up world of ours a little better place to live.